The site is currently down

This life is a path of never ending sadness and grief, all as it seems to be.

Latest Apache patch for RemoteIP extension is now here:, ready to be merged to the main branch. I will update it for newer versions and if something important (bug, feature, whatever) is mentioned.

The (newer) OL9 repository for hosting software and (older) CentOS 7 variants of it are there:

The older galleries of my fluffy cat friends that are long gone are now resting in peace and are not available anymore.

Something may be added here in the future, or may be not, I just do not know how, if and whether I will proceed from this point onwards.

I may still be available at my email address, Whatsapp account and phone, should you know one of these, but please do not disturb unless we know each other enough in real life.